Thursday, January 19, 2006

Notable Stocks

Here are some stocks making big moves in the market:
  • BLK - big breakout on huge volume
  • ANTP - continues to add to its recent breakout
  • STX - gaps higher on strong earnings report
  • TS - steel stock making a new high
  • EBAY - up nearly 15% from its after-hours selloff yesterday
  • LOGI - big gap down on huge volume
  • CHIC - another gap lower on big volume
  • AAPL - trading down after giving disappointing guidance
  • BGG - another gap lower on big volume
  • EMR - breaking out to new highs

Market Comments: The market is enjoying a nice rally today, despite news about a supposed Bin Laden tape as well as a weak Philly Fed report. So far, the support we saw the market test yesterday held up, and buyers are getting busy.

long EMR


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