Thursday, January 26, 2006

Notable Stocks

Earnings season has made for a lot of huge moves, in both directions. Here are some stocks that standout so far today:
  • FDC: +6%; spinning off its Western Union division
  • EXP: +26%; beat estimates, raised guidance, upped dividend, & 3-1 stock split
  • PLXS: +31%; beat estimates and raised guidance
  • VAR: +6%; strong quarterly earnings
  • ditto OXPS, CVD, TRID
  • AMGN: -4%; in-line earnings, but delays news on new pipeline drug
  • JNPR: -20%; poor earnings
  • USAK: -12%; misses EPS estimates and lowers guidance
  • CNXS: -20%; another trucker reporting poor earnings/guidance

Market Comments: Bond yields continue to push higher (4.53%), but it has not halted the rise in equities. Maybe the market is saying that a steeper yield curve is a bigger long-term benefit than the short-term pain of rising yields.

long AMGN, FDC


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