Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Notable Stocks

The market has continued to rally. The SPX came within a point of a new high, while the Nasdaq has broken back above its 50-day average. Also, the Nazz is leading the day, with the NDX +1.3% so far. Energy stocks continue to be weak as oil prices now down $2.

Here are some stocks making high-volume moves today:
  • GRMN - stock up on good EPS, but well off earlier intraday highs
  • NTRI - gaps higher on BTE earnings report
  • ASEI - nears new highs; bullish conference presentation
  • LFC - China play gaps to new highs; looks extended
  • RJF - announces 3-2 split
  • NFLD - gaps down on negative WSJ story, but coming back
  • LCAV - gaps lower on disappointing EPS
  • CEC - see above
  • SHW - found guilty in nuisance lawsuit
  • HLF - gaps down -14% on earnings
  • RACK - recent highflyer pulls back to 20-day


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Kevin Shuller said...

I looked at LCAV's quarter and it really didn't look bad and really was in line. If you back out the one time tax benefit from last year you had almost 100% y/y growth. The haircut is because they guided down for 2006 pretty heavily (1.65 - 1.75 vs. 1.94 est) but their guidance has a 40-41% tax rate baked in to it, so we should probably look for some beats from LCAV coming next year. 40-41% seems a bit conservative.

In pain and long LCAV


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