Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Calling For A Snapper

I rarely go out on a limb publically. But on, I posted today when the market was down over 180 points that I thought a snapper was lurking. I am seeing such a spike of negativity, that I think a late rally could erase all of today's losses!

The put/call ratio has been above 1.0 for 3 straight days, and today it opened at 1.72. That's huge. Also, the ISE Sentiment Index hit a new 52-week low at 83. Add to that the volatility indexes (VXO/VXN) which are spiking to new highs (ytd).

I am also looking at a few stocks we own, which I think are good "tells" for this market. Look at GOOG, SNDK, and KSS. They are all up today, in this terrible tape, and bode well for a strong close.

Engine room, more steam!!



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