Thursday, June 29, 2006

Checking Out Google Checkout

I have not had time to fully look into Google Checkout, but it sounds cool and something that I would definitely use. I have no problem bailing on Pay Pal, which I don't use all that much anyway. If you have used or looked into Google Checkout, let me know.

The feature will roll out with an initial roster of about 100 merchants, and offer some discounts for early enrollees. According to RBC, unlike some of Google's other product releases, this one seems to have a solid product release strategy and appropriate marketing support.

The analyst also predicts that it could open up a whole new world in terms of targeting capabilities and search. I think it could be good for the company (and stock), and helps it build out a broader portfolio of products that not only generate revenue, but also expand the way the company can capitalize on targeted ads.

long GOOG


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