Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Standout Stocks

My stock of the day is Crocs (CROX). The stock is extending its recent parabolic move, in what appears to be a pretty mean short squeeze.

I say that because as of last month, the short interest in CROX increased 12% to an astronomical 51% of float. That is amazing. You would think the bears must have known something. But when earnings came in okay, the stock began to rally.

That likely caused some waves of short covering, which seems to be exacerbated today. This looks like a typical exhaustion move, and I don't believe it will last much longer.

Here are some other stocks making notable moves on above-average volume:
  • OMRI
  • FTEK
  • AXR
  • NCR
  • PMTI
  • BIDU
  • PLMD
  • HW
  • DF
  • IGT


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