Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stock of the Day

My Stock of the Day is Peabody Energy (BTU).

This stock has continued to consolidate nicely after breaking above its 50-day average last month. Since then, it has found good support along this key moving average.

I believe that this type of tight consolidation sets up the stock for another continuation move higher. Oil is rising over the last couple of days, nearing $61. This should help sentiment towards the coal group. Additionally, there is continued chatter that the coal companies could be takeover targets of the large, integrated oil players.

Other stocks making notable, high-volume moves include:
  • DIGE
  • CSCO
  • DWSN
  • AAPL
  • FMCN
  • OMRI
  • PNTR
  • DCI
  • WBMD
  • FRO
  • CWTR
  • LFC
  • BWLD
  • UARM

long AAPL, BTU


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