Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Retail Sales Stronger Than Expected

The market is getting a nice bounce at the open, on the heels of a stronger than expected retail sales report. There was also a big pop in the mortgage applications data. The news of economic strength has bond yields up also, with the 10-year hitting 4.55%.

Retail sales rose +1.0% vs. +0.2% consensus. That's a pretty strong showing, and should ease some of the fears about an imminent collapse in consumer spending due to the housing weakness.

Oil is trading a bit lower, around $61, and the energy stocks are mixed.

In other news and notes:
  • Qantas rejects $8.6 billion bid
  • HLT reaffirms 2007 guidance
  • RTSX reaffirms 2007 EPS guidance, raises revenue range
  • OPEC ministers may hold off on more oil cuts
  • MIKR profiled in IBD (big breakout on Monday)
  • MBA mortgage apps +11.4% for last week
  • Digitimes says Mio Tech grabbed top PND mkt share
  • TIBX raises Q4 rev and EPS guidance; stock higher
  • Morgan raises tgt on AAPL to $110 from $90
  • Herb Greenberg cautious on NTRI (CNBC)
  • Mkt not impressed with OXPS November DARTs
  • UBS raises GE target to $40

long AAPL, GE


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