Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mutual Fund Monthly

Looking at the funds in our mutual fund program, the only clear trend was that international funds clearly outperformed domestic funds. Beyond that, the results were pretty much mixed, with good managers putting up solid performance regardless of asset class or style.

Here are the top and bottom five funds:

Top 5
  • DREGX (+41.2%) - Driehaus Emerging Mkts
  • TREMX (+34.7%) - T.Rowe Emerg. Europe
  • TGVAX (+25.6%) - Thornburg Intl. Value
  • ARTIX (+25.6%) - Artisan International
  • BPTRX +21.6%) - Baron Partners Fund

Bottom 5

  • CVTRX (+9.8%) - Calamos Gr. & Income
  • SWHIX (+9.4%) - Schwab Hedged Equity
  • PRNHX (+7.4%) - T.Rowe New Horizons
  • QUAGX (+5.1%) - Quaker Strategic Growth
  • TEQAX (-3.9%) - Touchstore Large Cap

One standout fund that didn't make the list, but was my best performing bond fund, was Loomis Sayles (LSBRX). Dan Fuss did a great job, and returned +11.0% for the year.

On the disappointment side was a manger I respect very much, Noah Blackstein, whose Dynamic Power American Growth Fund finished the year in negative territory. This fund only trades in Canada, so it's not the easiest to follow. But Bloomberg showed it down for the year.


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