Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bond Market Growing More Worried About Recession

The bond market is growing increasingly worried about the prospects of recession. That is the screaming signal from the drop in the 10-year yield today, and the reason that the stock market sold off so much.

The 10-year yield dropped to a fresh 2-year low of 4.16%, and economically sensitive stocks were sold across the board. Everything from financials to energy stocks were hit.

I am not in the recession camp, but if this market can't lift, it will likely mark a shift in character. Still, I think it is a little early to call this bull market over.

And with every single yield along the curve below 4.2%, what is the Fed doing with the fed funds rate at 4.50%?!?

Here is what the Fed's Hoenig had to say today in his comments:
  • Fed's Hoenig says U.S. economic outlook uncertain
  • Fed's Hoening says impact of housing on economy wider than merely 6% share of GDP; says not seen decline in U.S. housing prices now being seen since early 1990s
  • Hoenig says global growth, demand for U.S. goods has helped mitigate impact of housing decline on economy
  • Hoenig says over next year expect GDP to grow around 2%
  • Hoenig says dollar's decline could add to inflationary pressures
  • Hoenig says was very supportive of Sept rate cut; says "right now I'm more in a wait-and-see mode"
  • Fed's Hoenig says weaker data, housing mkt may require Fed action
  • Hoenig says Fed ready to provide liquidity to market as Fed did in August