Friday, July 08, 2005

Daily Stock Scan

Here is a partial list of some high volume movers today:

  • High volume gainers: RL, CHCI, LUFK, EPAY, QSII, AGP, ISRG, SCVL, AMGN, DCAI

  • High volume losers: GIVN, TUES, LSCP, XL, MHS, SFR, DEO, ACMR, LCAV, RI, APC

Market Comments: The market is rallying big today, on the heels of yesterday strong reversal. Traders who tried to short the market on yesterday's terror event are likely turning tail and covering. The SPX has risen above the 1206 level I mentioned earlier. We still have a couple hours until the close, but if the market can manage to hold on to these gains it would be very bullish.



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