Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stocks of the Day

I have 2 stocks today. The first is Fisher Scientific (FSH), which is breaking out to a new high on rising volume. This company has excellent fundamentals, upward revisions to earnings, stable earnings and revenue growth, and attractive valuation.

The second stocks is Monster (MNST). The company reported in-line earnings this am and was down in early trading. But on the conference call, management commented that they have been contacted by Google about doing business together. That would be a great combination, and could compete better with Yahoo!'s Hot Jobs division.

The stock reversed its early losses, got an intraday upgrade (Ryan Beck), and is rallying on very strong volume.

On a related note, I got stopped out of a previous SOTD today: Jamdat (JMDT). The stock is breaking below its 50-day moving average on increased volume. I had a 10% stop-loss limit on this position, and it was triggered today. Managing losses is part of the game.



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