Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Market Prediction Results

Each year, I take a poll of my fellow portfolio managers to get their predictions for the year. Most don't like to make predictions, but it's just for fun. I like to see if the group fares better than the market strategists that are often features in the media.

Here are the winners (and losers) from 2005:
  • Sean Mueller was the closest, with a forecast that the SPX would finish at 1255
  • EH was furthest off the mark, with a forecast of SPX 950
  • AG was closest with the 10-year yield forecast at 4.45%

The average of all the forecasts was 1239 (+2.2% gain for the year), which was pretty close to the actual gain of 1248 (+3.0%).

If you would like to see how the 2006 forecasts look when they come in, shoot me an e-mail. Thank you to all those that participated.


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