Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Standout Stocks

Here are some stocks making notable moves today:
  • AAPL - bounces strongly off of 200-day
  • NETL - analyst updgrade spurs move to new highs
  • CHIC - gaps higher on bullish outlook
  • IVAC - large order for systems spurs new highs
  • SHFL - continues its ramp towards the moon
  • AQNT - high volume reversal on analyst upgrade
  • PETS - drops below 50-day on volume; analyst downgrade
  • ACN - announces loss of large contract
  • RACK - first high volume pullback in months
  • UTIW - high volume reversal; earnings related

Market Comments: The market has surprised everyone and reversed yesterday's ugly session. The COMP has even made a new 52-week high, while the mid-cap and small-cap indexes move to new all time highs. I would like to see volume levels pick up in the last half hour, but the overall action in stocks is encouraging.



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