Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Standout Stocks

Here are some stocks making notable moves on strong volume:
  • APH - gaps to new high on record earnings
  • GRP - breaks out to new highs; strong earnings
  • GILD - ditto the above; stock buyback announced also
  • BTU - day 2 of the strong commodities rally
  • CYMI - gaps to new high on strong earnings, guidance
  • MOT - reports in-line results; networks weak
  • STX - light guidance hits stock
  • SMSC - weak earnings hit stock for 20% plunge
  • GENZ - gaps down on volume; sales miss estimates
  • AMGN - beats on EPS, but product sales light

Nearly all of the big movers today are earnings related. In terms of groups, brokers and semis are the strongest, followed by energy stocks. Housing stocks are the weakest.

long AMGN


At 5:56 PM, Blogger TJQuill said...

Check the movement on NTRI ahead of earnings next week - up 8.6% today on double normal volume and that follows four prior strong days up. I don't love the company, but as a momentum play I like it.


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