Monday, April 24, 2006

Standout Stocks

Here are some stocks making notable moves on high volume:
  • TZOO - best 5-day run I can remember; up +160%
  • BEAV - gaps to new high; strong earnings, raises outlook
  • RTI - extends rally to new highs
  • AP - breaks out of short consolidation to new highs
  • LDSH - breaks out to new highs; no news
  • SCHK - day 2 of high-vol selloff; analyst downgrade
  • SLAB - in-line guidance not good enough to prevent selloff
  • PXP - gaps down on news to acquire Stone Energy
  • ASTE - gaps down on earnings; finds support at 50-day
  • HDB - Indian bank reports earnings and sells off

Market Comments: The market has bounced since making a low this morning. The put/call ratio got above 1.0 and the NYSE ARMs Index was also running above-average. Most energy-related stocks are trading lower, which is weighing on the market since this has been an area of leadership.

The SPX could still have a surprise follow-thru day to last Tuesday's initial rally, but it would have to come in the next few days. The distribution day logged on the Nasdaq last Friday leaves me a bit skeptical, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.

Some of the companies reporting earnings tonight include:

ATHR, BSTE, HYDL, NTRI, and ZRAN (to name just a few)


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