Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back In The Saddle

That was a nice, long weekend; one of the longest I've taken in a while. But it's time to get back to business and capitalize on what I think should be a strong Q4.

Oil and gas prices are down again today, but the energy stocks are mixed. The big news in the oil patch is a significant oil discovery by CVX that should add to supply over the next 5 years.

Bond yields are up slightly to 4.77%, but still well below the fed funds rate (5.25%).

European stock markets are mostly all lower today.

In U.S. news:
  • QCOM wints the first round of its suit against BRCM
  • Amtech says they would sell GRMN, due to increasing competition
  • Amtech says get into AAPL, as new cell phone could revolutionize industry
  • Cowen says chip correction over, best ideas are MRVL, BRCM, SIRF, & PMCS

I have some catching up to do on posts from late last week. Should be a busy day.

long AAPL, QCOM; net short GRMN, SIRF


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