Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Standout Stocks

My Stock of the Day is Redback Networks (RBAK).

Actually, this was my SotD on Dec. 8th, when the stock was trading below $18. Last night, Ericcson (ERIC) said it would buy RBAK for $25, a nice premium.

The stock gapped higher today, and is now more than 40% above the levels it was trading at when I highlighted it a few weeks ago.

I have taking profits and moved on to the next trade. Merry X-mas to me.

Other stocks making notable, high-volume moves today include:

  • GMKT

  • KMX

  • NHWK

  • LFC

  • GLYT

  • IAAC

  • LNN

  • PCLN

  • TRMP

  • GBX

  • ISLE

  • FOXH

  • GMXR

  • PKE

  • CTAS

  • BCR

  • ACLI

  • BKE

took profits on GMKT, RBAK


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