Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mutual Fund Monthly

Here are how some of the mutual funds are faring that are part of our stable of recommended funds. Note that these returns are as of the end of February, which includes the first big down day last week (Tuesday), but ends as of last Wednesday.

Top 5
  • MERDX: +4.43%
  • RAISX: +4.17%
  • BPTRX: +3.58%
  • PRNHX: +2.82%
  • HDPMX: +2.12%

Bottom 5

  • QUAGX: -0.81%
  • SLASX: -0.54%
  • SSHFX: -0.43%
  • DREGX: -0.36%
  • TGVAX: -0.28%

The big winners so far this year have been the mid-cap funds, while large-cap value are finally starting to lag. I continue to think large-cap and mid-cap growth will be the leading areas for the year.

As an aside, I also took a look at the international ETFs for the year. Countries like Australia (+4.68%) and Japan (+3.87%) were strong for the first two months of the year, while previously hot areas like China (-11.08%) and Taiwan (-4.00%) pulled back in a big way.


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