Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Standout Stocks

Here are some stocks making notable moves on high volume:
  • LIFC - up 17% on earnings beat and guidance raise
  • UARM - stock gaps higher on earnings beat
  • WIRE - breaks to new highs on record earnings
  • CBG - back near new highs on strong home sales reports
  • ITRI - gaps higher on record earnings
  • BHI - moves to new highs on earnings beat and guidance raise
  • ZBRA - down 12% on earnings miss and lowers guidance
  • CAKE - stock sells of on flat profits report
  • MCO - string of earnings beats broken; stock plunges
  • SIRF - another causalty of flat earnings; investors let down
  • LSS - double digit selloff; EPS related
  • TZOO - finally some profit taking in this stock!

Market Comments: The market is still hovering around the levels it settled into after the first hour of trading. The ISE Index is high (213), but the put/call ratio is also high (0.91), so the sentiment indicators are mixed intraday.

Oil prices are down, despite bullish inventory data. And bond yields are still at 5.10%.


At 8:08 PM, Blogger TJQuill said...

DSCO is going to be interesting - I was too weak to play the dead cat bounce today which would have been a great quick hit. I think this will drift lower over the next month or two with no news, some downgrades, and general malaise, but then turn back into a $7 stock once they fix the stability problem with what is looking like a very good drug. I wouldn't buy it now, but wait for it to settle in 30 days or so.


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