Monday, March 05, 2007

Standout Stocks

Measures of investor anxiety are spiking again today. The CBOE put/call ratio was running at 1.73 earlier, and the ISEE at the equivalent of 1.23. These are extremely high levels, indicative of investors fear and the bears pressing their bets.

The markets are now oversold, and due for a bounce. But the character of the market will be revealed on any retest of the lows, not necessarily on the strength of the bounce.

Here are some stocks making notable moves today on high-volume:
  • ICE
  • MAN
  • CME
  • SHLD
  • WEBX
  • WFR
  • BKS
  • AIRM
  • FED
  • AHS
  • AINV
  • SF
  • ACAS
  • NDE
  • EDU


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